Used 2022 Fanatic AllWave 9-7


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Fanatic AllWave – Easy Surfing SUP

Stand up paddle boards can be tons of fun in the waves, and it isn’t as hard as you might think! The waves don’t need to be large to have a great time, but you do need to have the right kind of board. The Fanatic AllWave is the perfect board to take when you venture into the surf. All sizes give you the stable platform you need while paddling out and getting lined up to catch the wave. The rocker line is designed to fast, so you can get moving quick enough to get on the wave before it passes you by. As you get more comfortable in the waves and your skills improve, the Fanatic AllWave will still perform great. You can take it into bigger and bigger waves with confidence in its carving ability and grip. It even has a mast foot insert so you can add a windsurfing sail for the days when it is breezy!