2023 Severne Freek




If you’re looking for a dedicated freestyle performance windsurfing sail – the Freek from Severne is it. The Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios really help to improve lift. The 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range. 5 battens paired with Severne’s cutting edge technology means that this sail actually weighs less than most 4 batten sails. Severne has matched a dynamic relationship between luff curve and seam shaping which enables the Freek to inflate further and faster for increased power and explosive pop, whilst still going neutral for reliable duckability. The higher skin tension adds stability and extends the wind range. A higher center of lift increases leverage. The resulting pop is next level. The Freek has a bigger difference between it’s loaded and unloaded state, so you can go from zero to massive in an instant. If you are a dedicated freestyle windsurfer you will want to rig the Freek with less downhaul with a tighter head for maximum lift. Freestyle wave riders may use more downhaul for increased control in a wider range of conditions. The EM3 technology is used in the upper panel of the sail and helps reduces overall weight as well as swing weight which helps add maneuverability and control. It also helps add durability as it’s tear and UV resistant. The EM4 technology is used in the lower impact panels of the sail and the increased film thickness maximizes durability and makes the sail puncture and tear resistant. The Aero Batten technology helps improve the sail symmetry and further helps reduce weight. Breaking it all down – it’s fast, responsive, light and loves to fly. Feels great in the hands. This sail handles like a dream. Also works great as a foil sail.
4.0 $749 4.4 $779
4.8 $799 5.2 $809
5.6 $835 5.9 $855
6.3 $879