Duotone Foil Wing Complete Rig

Available in 4.0 and 5.0

The complete foil wing rig from Duotone comes with the canopy, boom, wrist leash, and a pump. Just add a board and foil and you will know what it feels like to fly above the water in no time! There a lot of reasons why you might want a foil wing. If you are tired of paddling your SUP foil board when there is breeze, if you want to use a surf foil set up but don't have much in the way of waves, if you want to get into wind-foiling without the complexity of windsurfing or kite surfing - a foil wing might be just what you want! The Duotone Foil Wing has several design elements that set it apart from other products on the market:

Wing Geometry WING GEOMETRY is helpful for keeping the lower wingtip out of the water and for stabilizing the Foil Wing during both, straight-line riding and transitions. The opted dihedral angle gives a good blend of power and stability.

Boom The integrated BOOM stabilizes the profile and is compatible with every wing size due to length adjustment. It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand placements and highest level of performance. For takeoff power and efficient pumping of the wing, the rider has a stiff and strong connection to the wing.


WINDOWS are super helpful and an important safety benefit, whether you‘re cruising around in traffic or surfing swells downwind.

Battens BATTENS add stability in the canopy and reduce flutter and drag to a minimum and therefore improves the wind range. It assists the Foil Wing in his upwind ability, for safety and versatility and increase top-end.

Only $829.00

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