Kaohi Double Coil Leashes




Wrist, Ankle, Calf leashes in stock.

New Patent Pending “Double Coil” Foil Leashes.

These leashes are made for your Wing Foil Wing, SUP and Prone foil Boards and/or your SUP Board.

What makes this leash special is that it is designed specifically for you.

The “Double Coil” is designed to not kink on itself as much, providing less frustration during your foil and wing foil sessions.  The length is optimal for not only your foil board but for your foil wing.

If you are frustrated with getting smacked in the face with the leashes provided to you by the wing companies, you will absolutely love this leash.  If you want your leash to stop slapping the water when you foil, then this leash is for you.

Typically 5.5 mm is used for the wing and 7mm for your board but anything goes when we are foiling.

“NEW” Wrist Cuff Wing Leash –  5′ or 6′ x 5.5mm Double Coil is in Stock – Made for the Wing