Severne RDM Blue


370 cm-$659

400 cm-$679


The Severne Blue RDM 90% carbon, reduced diameter windsurfing mast boasts high-performance and amazing durability. This is a 2-piece mast that is ideal for for wave/freewave, freestyle, and high-speed freeride windsurfing! This mast will make your rig feel light in your hands with the 90% pre-preg carbon. It will make your wave sail perform better in higher winds and gusts and give you responsive and crisp feel with the higher carbon content. One unique feature to this 90% mast compared to others in its class is the durability. The Severne Blue RDM has an added fiberglass outer layer to make it stronger and more resistant to impact damage. This means you get a really light mast AND a really strong mast that was engineered to last through your gnarliest windsurfing sessions!

With a constant curve bend, you can use this mast for more than wave sails including freeride and RDM cam sails such as the Severne Overdrive and Turbo GT. This mast also works well with Maui Sails wave sails. Get wave mast durability for your freeride sails with a mast that weighs just 1.5kg (for the 400cm). We recommend this mast to any windsurfer who seeks performance and pushes the limits to higher standards and who demand their gear do the same.

This mast comes with a mast bag and Severne’s 1 year warranty.

If you are looking for an upgrade to this mast and if you do mostly wave and freestyle, the Severne RDM Red mast is the one for you.

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